Our Values

At Hanner International School of Taekwondo, we strive to serve all members of the community with their Martial Arts needs through our discipline, respect, and practice of the traditional Korean art of Taekwondo. 

Our Tenants

 Our practitioners follow the basic but essential tenants of Taekwondo:

Courtesy ( Ye Ui ) 

Integrity ( Yom Chi ) 

Perseverance ( In Nae ) 

Self-Control ( Guk Gi ) 

Indomitable Spirit ( Baekjul Boogul ) 

Humility ( Kyom Son ) 

Our Student Oath 

I shall observe the tenants of Taekwondo. 

I shall respect Instructors and Seniors. 

I shall Never misuse Taekwondo. 

I will be a champion of freedom and justice. 

I shall work to build a more peaceful world. 

Sir !